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An agent helps us choose policies for our needs. He could be called a sales agent. Clients include families as well as businesses.

Types of insurance include home, life, disability, health care insurance. Some agents sell financial products, such as variable annuities.

Insurance Agent Responsibilities

An agent must perform all of the following:

Many agents work for a specific insurance company and its products, while others do their job for a broker, and sell products and services from the top-rated insurance companies. Agents represent the top-rated companies and become familiar with other products from multiple suppliers as part of their job activity.

Insurance Agent Salary

An agent's salary is usually based on the level of experience, the area of expertise, certifications, and education.

Education And Certification

The insurance worker position involves training requirements such as:

Insurance Agent Skills

In addition to training, and licensing requirements, Insurance agents also need certain personal qualities.

Job Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the job growth forecast for agents in the insurance segment is 15%.

Independent agents work for insurance companies. They are insurance agents employed by insurance agencies.